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To enroll in our Senior High School program for school year 2021-2022, fill out this form.

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To complete your reservation for our Senior High School Program, you are encouraged to pay a non-refundable reservation fee of P1,500. This fee will be deductible from down payment upon enrollment. You may also choose not to pay the reservation fee at the risk of not being allotted a slot if we reach the maximum number of students. You can pay this through any of the University's partner banks (listed here) around the country.

For inquiries, e-mail: seniorhigh@su.edu.ph

Note: Students who have been previously enrolled in Silliman University do not need to fill out this form. If you have been previously enrolled in Silliman University Early Childhood School, Elementary School or Junior High School, please click here.

Senior High School Reservation Form

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Describe the kind of career that you want to pursue after completing senior high or college. (Limit to 50 words)*

What special interest, sport, hobby or talent do you want to nurture while in senior high?*

How do you see yourself after senior high?*

I want to proceed to college after finishing senior high.

I want to work, establish my own venture, or pursue my interest or talent after finishing senior high without going to college.

I want to work, establish my own venture, or pursue my interest or talent after finishing senior high and consider going to college later in life.

Why did you choose Silliman University? (Choose as many as applicable)

Silliman has a strong international reputation and is among the Philippines' top universities.

Silliman's approach of the "whole person education" makes me value my skills and talent as a channel to helping others.

Silliman's programs are competitive and assure me of a good career after finishing senior high.

Silliman has a beautiful green campus, making it conducive to learning and building friendships.

Silliman offers various facilities for research, culture and the arts, sports, and faith-nurture.

Silliman students come from different parts of the Philippines and the world.

Silliman faculty are well-trained and can help me have a broader understanding of life.

Silliman provides opportunities for meaningful volunteer and community services.

Career Tracks

Academic Professional (To be a professional with a bachelor's degree in college or college degree professional)

This career option will help me to pursue higher education after completing Senior High School. Its four strands are tailored-fit to my interest in specific fields of study or discipline. These strands are ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) and GAS (General Academic Strand).

Arts and Design Professional

This career option will provide me with the training to pursue a career in the creative industry, which includes literary, performing and visual arts. I chose this option because I desire to venture into a practice or profession that demonstrates artistic inclinations, after completing Senior High. This also prepares me for a relevant course in college, particularly at the College of Performing and Visual Arts.

Sports and Athletics Professional

This career option will offer a broad range of opportunities for me to learn more about the field of sports and athletics from the perspective of player and coach. It facilitates a sharper understanding of sports beyond being a game but a career in itself that is equally an important component of the community. Students in this career track are equipped to pursue a career in sports after completing Senior High, or pursue a relevant field in college.

Technical-Vocational Professional

This career option will offer me skills development for careers in specific industries - such as agriculture (e.g. animal husbandry, horticulture), general construction (e.g. masonry, plumbing, electrical), and capacity- building for small- and medium- scale livelihood ventures (e.g. catering, sewing), and information and communication technology - fresh from Senior High. Relevant courses in college are also available to me as I am interested to pursue further studies after graduating from this career track.

Rank your preferred tracks

Drag and drop the tracks to rank them, with the track on top being the most preferred and the track on the bottom being the least preferred.

  • Academic
  • Sports and Athletics
  • Arts and Design
  • Technical-Vocational

Rank your preferred academic strands

Drag and drop the following academic strands to rank them, with the strand on top being the most preferred and the strand on the bottom being the least preferred.

  • ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • GAS (General Academic Strand)