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For continuing students : Proceed to MySilliman Page

For new students:

STEP 1     Application
Applicants fill out online the registration form and attach the necessary documents in PDF format.
(Please convert all necessary documents to PDF format before proceeding with your online application.)

Note: There are courses that require applicants to take an exam and undergo an interview on campus.
Please visit the "Admissions" page for the list of these courses.

Once "Completed":
  • An email containing the Applicant's verification code and a link to the Status Page will be sent.
    The Status Page will serve as a guide where progress of applicant can be monitored.
STEP 2     Evaluation
The Office of the Registrar and Admissions will assess the qualifications of applicants based on the information provided and the requirements of the preferred course.

Once "Accepted":
  • Applicants proceed to "Payment" (Step 3).

If "Denied":
  • Applicants may e-mail the Registrar at admissions@su.edu.ph or ora@su.edu.ph.
STEP 3     Payment
After being Completed in Step 2, accepted applicants are required to settle the down payment of Php 5,000 at any of the listed partner banks of the University. The designated ID number will have to be presented in settling the down payment.

Only proceed with payment at any of the partner banks if your ID number (specified below) has been issued.
ID :
+List of Associated Banks
STEP 4     Class Schedule
Once payment is confirmed, the Office of the Registrar and Admissions will prepare the class schedule of the accepted applicants for incoming freshmen.
A block/class schedule will be available anytime from July 27-August 16, 2020. For transfer, graduate school, law, and medical school applicants, please refer to your college.
STEP 5     Submission of Original Documents
After completing Step 4, applicants are required to submit original copies of the documents to:

The Registrar
Office of the Registrar and Admissions
Ground Floor, Hibbard Hall
Silliman University
6200 Dumaguete City

Please check this link for a complete list of admission requirements: http://su.edu.ph/admissions/admission-procedures/.
Note: It is recommended to send your documents through a reliable and fast courier to facilitate faster completion of this step.
STEP 6     Access to SOLS (Student Online Services)
All successful applicants who have been confirmed are granted access to the Student Online Services (SOLS). The University creates an account for them. They will receive an e-mail containing their log-in details. Once the e-mail is received, all students are required to access their SOLS account, where they will be required to choose their preferred tuition payment scheme. The payment scheme is covered by an "Undertaking", and students are assumed to have consulted their parents before choosing their mode of payment. This "Undertaking" assists parents in budgeting their children's tuition over a semester. For more information on the "Undertaking", e-mail treas@su.edu.ph.
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