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For continuing students : Proceed to MySilliman Page

For new students:

STEP 1     Application
Applicants fill out online the registration form and attach the necessary documents in PDF format.
(Please convert all necessary documents to PDF format before proceeding with your online application.)

Note: There are courses that require applicants to take an exam and undergo an interview on campus.
Please visit the "Admissions" page for the list of these courses.

Once "Completed":
  • An email containing the Applicant's verification code and a link to the Status Page will be sent.
    The Status Page will serve as a guide where progress of applicant can be monitored.
STEP 2     Evaluation
The Office of the Registrar and Admissions will assess the qualifications of applicants based on the information provided and the requirements of the preferred course.

Once "Accepted":
  • Applicants proceed to "Payment" (Step 3).

If "Denied":
  • Applicants may e-mail the Registrar at admissions@su.edu.ph or ora@su.edu.ph.
STEP 3     Payment
After being notified of "Acceptance" in Step 2, accepted applicants are required to settle the down payment of Php 5,000 at any of the listed partner banks of the University. The designated ID number will have to be presented in settling the down payment.

Only proceed with payment at any of the partner banks if your ID number (specified below) has been issued.
ID :
+List of Associated Banks
STEP 4     Log in to your MySilliman Account
Log in to MySilliman: https://my.su.edu.ph/mysilliman/login.php
Once logged in, click on PayScheme, select a payment scheme and click "I Agree" to the payment scheme of your choice.
For inquiries and instructions regarding your username and password, email: mis@su.edu.ph

For incoming First Year, the Office of Registrar and Admissions will prepare the class schedule of the accepted applicants in the 1st semester.
A block/class schedule will be available anytime before August 14
For transfer, graduate school, law and medical school applicants, please refer to your college.
You are Officially Enrolled when you receive your schedule in your mySilliman Account.

Applicants are required to submit original copies of the documents (please check this link for the complete list of admission requirements - https://su.edu.ph/admissions/admission-procedures/) to:

The Registrar and Admissions Officer
Office of Registrar and Admissions
Ground Floor, Hibbard Hall
Silliman University
6200 Dumaguete City
STEP 6     Activating your Silliman University Email Address
Activate your Silliman University email address (e.g. juandelacruz@su.edu.ph).
Click here for the steps in activating your email address: https://su.edu.ph/steps-in-activating-su-email/
STEP 7     Activating your mySOUL Account
All classes will be delivered using mySOUL, the official learning management system of the university.
Click this link to activate your mySOUL account. .
STEP 8     Virtual Classrooms in mySOUL
Wait for your virtual classrooms to appear in your mySOUL account.
For College & SHS Students, you will see all your virtual classrooms two (2) days before the first day of classes.
For SBE students (except SHS), you will see your virtual classrooms one (1) week before the start of the classes.
For late enrollees, you will see your virtual classrooms on the next business day after being officially enrolled.
Login to mySOUL (https://soul.su.edu.ph) and attend your classes as scheduled. Go to http://soul-su.weebly.com to view mySOUL YouTube tutorials, download a user guide, and read the frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can also download the mySOUL mobile app for viewing classroom resources. Click this to read instructions on how to download the app https://tinyurl.com/SOUL-Activate2021 .
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